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Lake Water Improvement Project Summary

Lake Mission Viejo Association is committed to providing a premier recreational lake that our membership can enjoy – be it for swimming, sailing, fishing or simply enjoying the magic of a vista of sparkling blue water. Accomplishing this requires ongoing research and work by our lake management team and significant funding because the issues, if left unchallenged, could be detrimental to our lake continued health.


Managing The Lake

Third in a series of articles on the fascinating and challenging job of managing our beautiful Lake Mission Viejo. The Association is dedicated to providing a premier freshwater lake by protecting and maintaining the lake’s water quality. As the lake ages and faces new external threats from Quagga mussels and Golden algae, the work of maintaining lake water quality has transformed from the relatively simple task of sampling and testing lake water into a challenging and multi-faceted campaign to ensure Lake Mission Viejo continues to be a valued recreational asset.


A Primer on Lake Water Quality

The Association regularly receives questions on lake management issues, so we developed this comprehensive outline of the Association’s goals, actions, results achieved thus far and future plans for these matters. We hope this will help our Members better understand how we work to manage, maintain, and improve the lake. Managing the lake is a high priority to the Association’s board and staff, but it is one of many priorities. We must also manage and maintain Association-owned infrastructure and lands, plan and coordinate recreational activities for Members, pursue greater water and energy efficiency, and conscientiously manage the Association’s budget.