Identification Badge

Your LMVA Identification Badge:  Don't Leave Home Without It!

Having fun at the Lake all begins when you “show off” your LMVA membership picture ID badge. Not only does this special card allow you access into the facilities and the boat rental station, it also serves as your fishing license. LMVA's picture ID badge references both the property as well as the individual through a barcode system, and is issued to all members eight years and older. Other important uses include concert lottery access and security identification.

All members are required to show their membership badges when entering the facilities. If you arrive at the entry gate without your badge you will need to obtain a Temporary Facility Access Pass.

Members who do not bring their cards will be required to show picture I.D. and will be issued a Temporary Facility Access Pass (“Temporary Pass”) and charged a fee, as provided in the Schedule of Fees, available at the Administration Office or online. This pass will serve as a receipt to obtain a new Lake Membership Card from the membership office. The Temporary Pass is valid for entry into the facility on the date of purchase only. Replacement cards (fees may apply and Proof of Residency may be required) can be obtained from the Lake membership office seven days a week between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. Members who present their current lake I.D. card along with their Temporary Pass receipt, can obtain a refund from the Membership office within ten days of issuance of the Temporary Pass. 

Issuance of this Temporary Pass is for access to the facility and/or fishing privileges, boat rentals, picnic table rentals and guest list submitals on the day of purchase only.

Please help our staff keep your LMVA property safe and secure. Make sure you always have your membership badge readily available when approaching the friendly staff at the LMVA entry gates.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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Day Date Events
Saturday 19th Oct 2019 Lake Eeerie
Tuesday 22nd Oct 2019 Annual Meeting of The Delegates / Board of Directors Elections
Tuesday 12th Nov 2019 Board Meeting
Saturday 7th Dec 2019 Snow Day with the Annual Parade of Lights and Santa's Arrival
Tuesday 10th Dec 2019 Board Meeting