Guest Rules


All guests must have in their possession an L.M.V.A. guest pass with the appropriate color for the day. Guests with a Fishing Guest Pass must have it displayed while fishing. Each family is entitled to four (4) guests per household per day. Please see below for Guests and Guest List Policies for rules regarding group access to LMVA facilities.





Guest General Admission Pass*                                                 $5.00 guest/day

Guest Fishing Pass + Guest General Admission Pass                $14.00 guest/day

Concert Guest Pass (Limit 4 Guests Per Membership Household)          $15.00 guest/concert day


*MEMBERS WHO ARE 62 YEARS OF AGE AND OLDER qualify for a special half price Senior Citizens discount for their guests. Senior Citizens are requested to advise the gate attendant that they qualify for half price fees.



1. Each LMVA member household is entitled to bring up to a total of four (4) guests per household per day. Guest Fees apply. See Schedule of Fees, available at the Administration Office or online.

2. Each member is responsible for his/her guests and MUST accompany such guests at all times. Members are financially responsible for any damage to Lake facilities caused by their guests.

3. On Independence Day (July 4th ) guests are only allowed onto Lake premises after 3:00 p.m.

4. On Concert Days there is a $15 fee per guest, with guests limited to 4 per member household at the North Beach. Regular guest policies apply to the East Beach.


GUEST LIST POLICIES:  (Guest lists not permitted at this time) 

1. Guest Lists can be found at the North Beach Lake Services/Beach Bag Office ONLY, members have to pick up and submit their guest list in person. 

2. Each LMVA Membership household is entitled to bring up to 15 guests on a daily basis,  per household.

3. Each Membership household may submit, on an LMVA guest list form, a pre-paid or pay as enter guest list of up to 15. Guest lists are not permitted on Concert Days.

4. A Guest Fee does not apply to children under 8 years old. Although children under the age of 8 are free, they are included in the member's total guest count. For events larger than fifteen guests, members should inquire about use and reservation of the East Beach Upper Group area and the Lake Clubhouse; Restrictions apply.

5. The Member is responsible for their guests at all times and MUST remain on Lake premises throughout the duration of their event. NO GUEST WILL BE ADMITTED UNTIL THE GUEST LIST HAS BEEN ACTIVATED BY THE MEMBER.

6. Members who cancel their plans no less than 24 hours prior to scheduled event may receive a full refund of the prepaid guest fees.

7. If all of the guests do not attend, the unused guest passes can be claimed at the Lake Services Office up to 30 days after the event.

8. To help ease parking problems on busy summer days, members and their guests are encouraged to carpool.

9. A member household may submit only one guest list per day, up to the maximum number of guests allowed.



Types of Guest Passes: The following are types of guest passes currently being used and are subject to posted use restrictions, number limitations and fees (fees are provided in the Fee Schedule either online or in the Administration Office).

1. Regular Guest Pass- Allows the guest accompanied by a member to use the LMVA facilities (excluding fishing priveleges- see below for Guest Fishing Pass).  Children under 8 years are free but are still counted as a guest

2. Guest Fishing Pass- This allows the guest to Fish on Lake Mission Viejo.  Any guest fishing is required to have a Guest Fishing Pass regardless of age.  In addition to a Guest Fishing Pass, a Regular Guest Pass is required for anyone 8 years of age and older.

3. Concert Day Guest Pass- Allows the guest accompanied by a Member to attend the LMVA facilities at North Beach on a Concert Day.  Limit of 4 guests per Membership Household on a Concert Day.

4. Senior Member Discount on Regular Guest Pass- Members who are 62 years of age and older qualify for a special half-price guest pass.  Senior Members are required to advise the Gate/Lake Services that they qualify for the half-price pass at the time of purchase.  (Does not include fishing guest passes or concert guest pass).

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