Spring/Summertime Fishing
is coming!

Lake Mission Viejo will plant a modest stocking 
of Tilapia, Redear Sunfish and Black Crappie on Thursday, June 21st. Staff plans on small stockings throughout the summer, as conditions permit.


Fishing Club 

The Lake Mission Viejo Fishing Club is open to all LMVA Members (in good standing), and will be celebrating is 40th year of Trout fishing with a number of exciting events.  Be sure to join us for the January Fishing Club meeting on Wednesday January 10th or for future meetings.  Club Meetings are held at 7:00 pm upstairs in the Lake Administration Building.  See below for Meeting and Tournament Dates.  

There are 3 divisions for Fishing Tournaments: Kids 11 and under, Teens 12-17 and Adults 18 and over.

Meetings and fun tournaments run from November through March of each year.  Future 2018 Fishing Club tournaments are scheduled for 6 am of Sat. 1/13, Sat. 2/10 and Sat. 3/10 (subject to change).  The Angler of the year Fishing Tournament will be on Sat. 3/24 @ 6 a.m.

Anglers can sign up at Club Meetings, Boat Rental Office and Lake Services the Thursday or Friday prior to the Tournament.  Reservations can also be made the morning of the tournament prior to 6:30 am.

The tournament fee is $5 per person (adults and teens) and kids 11 and under are $4.  Prizes will be awarded in all divisions as well as a Big Fish prize for the largest trout of the tournament.  

Members of the Fishing Club are welcome to join in to help put on the Annual Kids' Holiday Fishing Derby held in late December every year.  The Derby is planned specifically for the young anglers to land their first trout.  Club members are encouraged to help tie on and bait hooks, untangle lines and offer friendly advice.

2017-2018 Fishing Club Meetings and Tournaments

Meeting: Wednesday 11/29/17 @ 7 PM

Tournament: Sunday 12/3/17 @ 6 AM

Meeting: Wednesday 1/10/18 @ 7 PM

Tournament: Saturday 1/13/18 @ 6 AM

Meeting: Wednesday 2/7/18 @ 7 PM

Tournament: Saturday 2/10/18 @ 6 AM POSTPONED

Meeting: Wednesday 3/7/18 @ 7 PM

Tournament: Saturday 3/10/18 @ 6 AM

Tournament: Saturday 3/24/18 @ 6 AM- Final Tournament, followed by BBQ and Award Ceremony which takes place at the Shore Fishing Area at North Beach.


* All dates and times are subject to change.

Tournament Fees

To participate in the Fishing Club Tournament it is $5 for adults/teens and $4 for children 11 and under.  Sign Up forms are available @ Fishing Club meetings, Lake Services and Boat Rentals.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you pay in advance @ the LMVA Administration Office (cash and check are accepted) OR you an arrive early to the pay a last minute tournament entry.  Cut off is about 1 hour after start time (cut off is 7:00 a.m.), after that no late entries will be accepted.


Fishing Rules

Please click here for a PDF copy of the LMVA Fishing Rules

Other Fishing Rules to bear in mind:

1.       I.D. cards must be displayed at all times while at the fishing on the LMVA.

2.       Permitted Fishing: Fishing is permitted only at times and in areas so designated and in accordance with regulations and fees as established by LMVA.

3.       Restricted Fishing: Fishing is restricted to LMVA members and their guests. Members must have their LMVA I.D. card visibly displayed while fishing, and their guest may fish provided they first obtain and display a guest fishing pass. Guests must be accompanied by their host member while fishing at LMV

4.       Areas Closed to Fishing: Fishing is prohibited in all designated swimming areas. Boats must keep the marina entrance clear. Fishing is prohibited on the shore side of the red marker buoys of the Playa del Norte marina or any other so marked area. Red marker buoys delineate "no fishing" areas. No fishing within 15 feet of private docks or the bulkhead. Tying up to swim lines or buoys is prohibited. Unauthorized tying up to private docks is prohibited. Violators will receive a citation and/or fine, and possible expulsion and suspension of LMVA privileges for a period of time to be determined.


Fishing Methods & Baits

Each angler may fish with only ONE closely attended rod with no more than three hooks and each angler must use own separate stringer.

Allowed Baits:

1. Prepared baits such as stink baits, dough baits, cheese, marshmallows.
2. Terrestrial invertebrates such as worms, crickets, meal worms or other insects.

Prohibited Baits:

1.       No live aquatic baits including fish from the LAKE, goldfish, minnows, crayfish, salamanders or newts, etc.
2. No Snagging, No Spearfishing, No use of Nets or Traps
3. No Chumming (whether to attract fish or birds, keep all foods out of water!)
4. No Animal products including fish & fish roe, meats, hot dogs, etc.
5. No dog food, peas, corn or grains.


Fishing Catch Limits

1.       Any combination of FOUR fish may be taken per angler per day. Each angler must place their fish catch on their OWN separate stringer and when limit is reached, all fishing must stop.

2.       Trout may NOT be released.

3.       Fish including trout may ONLY be given away when done fishing for the day. Recipient of fish must stop fishing when in possession of the 4-fish limit.


Fishing Penalties

1.       Citation and fine, as noted in the LMVA fine schedule on file with the LMVA office and online (see fishing rules link at top of page), apply per fish over the limit.


Fish Size Limits:

Trout: No size limits. Keep all trout caught.(limit 4 per day)

Catfish: 12" minimum length

Sunfish: (No size limits - May release)

Bass: Immediately release ALL bass until further notice.

Tilapia: (No size limits - May release)


Bass Catch and Release: Please note: Catch-and-Release of all Bass has been extended to year-round release until further notice. ALL bass must be released immediately to the spot where they were caught.


Other Rules to Bear in Mind

1.       15-Foot Rule: No fishing within 15 feet of any dock, swimming area, or bulkhead on LMV. This includes Mallorca, Tres Vistas and Finisterra swimming areas, private docks and private boats tied to the docks. The "15 Foot Rule" applies to all boats and fishing gear, (pole, hook, or line) and must be at least 15 feet away from all private property. Failure to respect the 15 foot rule will result in a citation and/or fine, immediate expulsion, 24 hour suspension or longer of LMVA privileges, forfeiture of any fees, deposits, and fish caught.

2.       Fishing Regulations: All state freshwater fishing regulations apply with respect to gear and method of take except that a California State Fishing License is not required.

3.       Fishing float tubes: Fishing float tubes are not allowed on LMV.

4.       Fish Cleaning: No cleaning of fish in the LAKE except in designated fish cleaning facility.


PENALTY: See the LMVA Fee Schedule 

Day Date Events
Saturday 7th Jul 2018 LEANN RIMES
Tuesday 10th Jul 2018 Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday 11th Jul 2018 Movie Night
Friday 13th Jul 2018 Movie Night
Saturday 21st Jul 2018 GLADYS KNIGHT
Wednesday 25th Jul 2018 Movie Night

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