Delegate District

The following districts are currently open.  If you own property in one of these districts and are interested in serving as a delegate, please refer to the contact information below for details in regard to delegate elections coming up this fall.  Non-sub Association Districts must have 25% of the voting power of the district to conduct business and elect a delegate.  Sub Associations elect their own delegates at their individual annual meetings.  To see what District your property falls under please click here  to look up your address to see which District you belong to.

Non-Sub Associations




District 3 La Paz

District 25 Castille

District 52 Valencia

District 4 Coronado

District 27 Cordova

District 54 Las Palmas

District 6 Barcelona

District 29 Castille

District 59 Emerald Point

District 7 Barcelona

District 31 Montiel

District 80 Melrose

District 9 El Dorado

District 35 Cresta Verde


District 10 El Dorado

District 36 Madrid del Lago


District 11 Granada

District 41 Briarwood


District 15 El Dorado

District 44 Montiel/Galicia


District 16 Madrid

District 46 Casta del Sol


District 18 Castille

District 49 Castille


District 20 Castille

District 50 Galicia


District 21 Aliso Villas-I

District 52 Valencia


District 22 Aliso Villas-II

District 81 Casa Loma


District 23 Seville



These districts are unrepresented at this time. It is important to maintain good delegate representation throughout the LMVA community in order to conduct association business in a fair and equitable manner. Members who live in the districts listed above and are interested in becoming a Delegate can call Amanda O'Hearn at (949) 770-1313 ext. 215 for more information.

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Monday 6th May 2019 North Beach Swimming and Beach Area Closure
Tuesday 14th May 2019 Board Meeting
Sunday 19th May 2019 Sunday with the Symphony
Sunday 2nd Jun 2019 Triathlon
Tuesday 11th Jun 2019 Board Meeting