July 6th, 2019 - 7PM

JULY 6                              7PM  


Rock Under the Radar Show

lovelytheband debuted in April 2017 with their single “Broken” which quickly earned over three million streams on Spotify and the single charted on several Billboard charts.


lovelythebandtranslate emotions, anxieties, and feelings into lush, layered, and lively indie pop anthems. The band was founded by lead singer Mitchy Collins, guitarist Jordan Greenwald and drummer Sam Price. The trio maintain a lasting connection to listeners by holding nothing back.


"I really believe the importance of songwriting is saying something when someone else doesn't know how to," affirms Mitchy. "In the songs, I'm talking about life, trials, tribulations, depression, anxiety, and stuff I deal with as well as the headaches that come along with the good and bad days. My problems don't define me, but we should embrace every side of who we are. The message is, ‘Everything will be fine.'"



Also Appearing:

The inner workings of ALEXA MERRILL’s world are dizzying to say the least. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, with the stages of the Roxy, The Viper Room, and the Whiskey A Go Go at her disposal, Merrill has grown up in a side of the industry privy to few. Raised on a daily mixtape of 70’s icons and 90’s pop stars, it’s no wonder Merrill mixes intoxicating lyrics with haunting melodies to create the unexpected sound she delivers today. No rookie to the game, Merrill has opened for the likes of Lou Gramm of Foreigner, Bret Michaels, and Richard Ashcroft of The Verve, and learned the art of captivating the audience. 

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