June 23rd, 2018 - 7PM

Saturday, 6/23/2018 @ 7PM

Rock Under the Radar


The Summer Concert Series kicks off with Seattle native BARNS COURTNEY. This year’s Rock Under the Radar show features the stomping, swaggering rock & roll of a musician who was named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of 2017’s “10 New Artists You Need to Know.” You may not know his name, but you have most likely heard his single “Fire.” This blues-leaning rock song was a crossover radio hit and was featured in Volkswagen ads as well as the Bradley Cooper film Burnt.

Before his current success, Barns struggled to stay afloat while still keeping his dream alive; working part-time jobs and sleeping in his car. “It got really scary. But I never thought about giving up-it’s important to put all your chips on one number or how do you rise above the competition? When I was being honest with myself, I realized the importance of pursuing the thing that you love.” This passion and frustration fueled his song writing, and it shows. Fans of Cage the Elephant and Kings of Leon will feel right at home with Courtney’s rock sound. His most recent album, The Attractions of Youth, keeps the rock sound coming while also crossing genres into psychedelic and pop-punk sounds as well.

Official website: barnscourtney.com



HOLLIS BROWN is an American rock & roll band named after the Bob Dylan song “The Ballad of Hollis Brown.” Their latest single, “Run Right to You,” was released on vinyl in 2016 and is a featured exclusively on Amazon’s playlist Amazon Acoustics. The band’s vinyl EP, Cluster of Pearls, was one of only 300 albums, worldwide, selected to be released on Record Store Day 2016. Hollis Brown has toured extensively, performing with acts such as The Counting Crows, The Zombies, Deer Tick and Jackie Greene a previous Rock Under the Radar artist right here at LMV.

Official website: hollisbrown.com

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