Assessment & Fees


A transfer fee of $250.00 is due when membership privileges transfer from one household to another in the sale of a property. (Tenant transfer fee is $75.00.)



Replacement of lost card/Addition to family membership card fee $10.00.



Waterfront property owners will be charged an additional assessment over and above the General Assessment. The lakefront assessment is levied on the basis of a dollar amount per foot per year.



Special assessments may be levied to cover uninsured costs necessary to reconstruct, repair or replace damaged property, to add to Lake Association Properties, to conform to requirements of governmental authorities, to provide necessary facilities or to repay a loan made to the Lake Association to enable it to offer necessary services. The amount of any such special assessment will be the same for all members. However, special assessments, if they are required, cannot exceed five percent (5%) of the budgeted gross expenditures for the year without consent of the delegates representing a majority of the members.



The Lake Association Board of directors has the authority to take legal action to collect unpaid assessments. If a member fails to pay assessments, the Board has the right to suspend rights to use the Association facilities, voting rights and further to file suit to collect unpaid assessments.

Collections Policy 


Semi -Annual Assessment January1 and July 1 2023 $ 156
New Membership Fee (for Lake Eligible Homes first joining the Lake) $ 100
Property Transfer Fee (of a member property in escrow) $ 250
Tenant Transfer Fee $ 75
Late Fee (30 Days Late) $ 7.80
Replacement Card Fee $ 10
Additional Member Card Fee $ 10
Guest Fees (Seniors 1/2 price, Children under 8 free) $ 5
Concert Guest Pass (max of 4 guests per membership household) $ 15
Fishing Pass Fee $ 14


LMVA Fee and Fine Schedule - Rev Sept 2022

Day Date Events
Saturday Jun 3rd 2023 Lake Anniversary Event
Tuesday Jun 13th 2023 LMVA Board of Directors Meeting
Saturday Jun 24th 2023 BOAT & WATERCRAFT SALE
Wednesday Jun 28th 2023 MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU
Friday Jun 30th 2023 MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU
Saturday Jul 8th 2023 SUGAR RAY

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