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Trout Fishing for 2018/2019:

CLICK HERE for the 2018-2019 Trout Stocking Schedule (please note that these dates are subject to change)


Lake Mission Viejo is OPEN to all fishing the day of each trout stocking.

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Fishing Club 

Club Meetings are held during the winter trout season, usually on Wednesdays following each month's first trout planting at 7:00 pm upstairs in the Lake Administration Building.  See below for anticipated Meeting and Tournament Dates that conclude with The Angler of the Year Fishing Tournament in March.  The Lake Mission Viejo Fishing Club is open to all LMVA Members in good standing. 

Three divisions for Fishing Tournaments:  Kids 11 and under, Teens 12-17 and Adults 18 and over.

Anglers sign up at Club Meetings, Boat Rental Office and Lake Services the Thursday or Friday prior to the Tournament.  Reservations can also be made the morning of the tournament prior to 6:30 am.

Tournament fees are $5 for adults and teens, and $4 for kids 11 and under.  Prizes will be awarded in all divisions as well as a Big Fish prize for the largest trout of the tournament.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you pay in advance @ the LMVA Administration Office.  (cash and check are accepted).  You may arrive early to the pay a last minute tournament entry.  Cut off is about 1 hour after start time (@ 7:00 a.m.), after that no late entries will be accepted.

Members of the Fishing Club are welcome to join in to help put on the Annual Kids' Holiday Fishing Derby held in late December every year.  This Derby is planned specifically for the young anglers to land their first trout.  Club members are encouraged to help tie on and bait hooks, untangle lines and offer friendly advice.

2018-2019 Fishing Club Meetings and Tournaments (tentative)

Meeting: Wednesday 11/28/18 @ 7 PM

Tournament: Saturday 12/1/18 @ 6 AM- CANCELED

Kid's Derby:  Saturday 12/29/18-CANCELED

Meeting: Wednesday 1/9/19 @ 7 PM- Raffle and a Combination of Prizes from Shimano

Tournament: Saturday 1/12/19 @ 6 AM- CANCELED

Meeting: Wednesday 2/6/19 @ 7 PM

Tournament: Saturday 2/9/19 @ 6 AM-CANCELED 

Meeting: Wednesday 3/6/19 @ 7 PM

Tournament: Saturday 3/9/19 @ 6 AM-CANCELED 

Tournament: Saturday 3/23/19 @6 AM - Final Tournament, followed by BBQ and Award Ceremony which takes place at the Shore Fishing Area at North Beach.-CANCELED

* All dates and times are subject to change.

Tournament Fees

To participate in the Fishing Club Tournament it is $5 for adults/teens and $4 for children 11 and under.  Sign Up forms are available @ Fishing Club meetings, Lake Services and Boat Rentals.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you pay in advance @ the LMVA Administration Office (cash and check are accepted) OR you an arrive early to the pay a last minute tournament entry.  Cut off is about 1 hour after start time (cut off is 7:00 a.m.), after that no late entries will be accepted.

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Day Date Events
Saturday 28th Sep 2019 Oktoberfest
Tuesday 8th Oct 2019 Board Meeting
Saturday 19th Oct 2019 Lake Eeerie
Tuesday 12th Nov 2019 Board Meeting
Saturday 7th Dec 2019 Snow Day with the Annual Parade of Lights and Santa's Arrival
Tuesday 10th Dec 2019 Board Meeting

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