Fishing Lake Mission Viejo

The Lake is open for fishing at 8AM every day but Christmas Day

             * Fishing is always free for members

             * Guests must be accompanied by members while visiting LMV

             * Guests fishing will be charged for a combined Guest Entry/Guest Fishing Pass

                     (See: LMVA Fee Schedule)

             * 5 passenger Gregor and 2 passenger Tracker fishing boats are available

                    for rent at the Boat Rental Shop

             * LMV stocks a variety of fish for our Lake Members and their guests to enjoy

                  * * These fish include: Catfish, Sunfish, Tilapia, Trout and Bass

             * Fishing is free to all LMVA Members

             * Member guests who wish to fish must purchase a combined Guest/Fishing

                     pass and must fish with their host member  

                 [For more information about fishing rules and stockings, please: click here]



 Springtime 2021 Fishing Update

Golden Algae effects on the fishery have been minimal since late 2020.

Conditions have improved and we have resumed early fish planting for the summer 2021 season. 

1,300 lbs. of catchable Channel Catfish, 1,000 Bluegill and 1,000 mosquitofish were planted in March and April.

Catchable-size Tilapia are scheduled to be stocked in May and June.  


There were no Trout stockings during the 2020-21 season due to seasonal Golden Algae blooms.

Winter Trout stockings are tentative due to the fish's delicate nature and November being the start of the GA season. 

LMVA will notify members on the Lake website, social media and the entrance marque if trout stockings are confirmed.


Re-starting LMV's Fishery

Ever since the November 2014 emergence of Golden Algae, we have had to gauge the duration of fish-toxin events and stock accordingly.  Some events could last from winter thru the spring, while in ohter years we have seen intermittent events ending early in January.  As Golden Algae is seen to subside, Lake Mission Viejo rebuilds its fishery with forage fish such as minnows and sunfish, as well as catchable sized catfish.

Tilapia have become a popular food fish and have been seen to spawn abundantly in LVM as water temperatures rise.  By the end of the summer we have seen small tilapia of the season being caught extensively.  The re-emergence of Golden Algae, however, is unpredictable and by November we can lose some or the entire forage base that has been planted.

Over time, we expect our new water source, Advance Purified Water (APW) to change the water chemistry, by lowering Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and ph to provide a less hospitable environment for Golden Algae.  This will allow us the opportunity to rebuild a sustainably vibrant fishery in Lake Mission Viejo.  Predatory fish such as Largemouth Bass and Crappie can then be reintroduced onece a sustainable forage base is established.

Frequent Lake maintenance an water testing continues at the Lake, as it always has, to ensure a save and optimal experience at Lake Mission Viejo.

Golden Algae is NOT harmful to humand and water conditions are excellent for active use of the Lake and swim areas.  

For more information on Golden Algae, click here.


Fishing Rules

Please click here for PDF copy of the LMVA Fishing Rules, along with a Lake Map

                                         1.  I.D. cards must be displayed at all times while fishing on Lake Mission Viejo

                                         2.  Permitted Fishing:  Fishing is permitted only at times and in areas designated and in accordance with LVMA regulations and fees.

                                         3.  Restricted Fishing:  Fishing is restricted to LMVA members and their guests. 

                                                *  Member must have their LMVA I.D. card visibly displayed while fishing

                                                *  Guests may fish, providing they first purchase and display a guest fishing pass. 

                                                *  Guests must be accompanied by their host member while fishing at LMV.

                                          4.  Areas Closed to Fishing:  Fishing is prohibited in all designated swimming areas.

                                                 *  Boats must keep the marina entrance clear.

                                                 *  Red marker buoys delineate 'No Fishing" areas.

                                                 *  Fishing is prohibited on the shore side of the red marker buoys of the North Beach marina or any other so marked area.  

                                                 *  No fishing within 15 feet of private docks or the bulkhead. 

                                                 *  Tying up to swim lines or buoys is prohibited.

                                                 *  Unauthorized tying up to private docks is prohibited

                                          Violators will receive a citation and/or privileges for a period of time to be determined. 


Fishing Methods & Baits

Each angler may fish with only ONE closely attended rod with no more than three hooks and each angler must use own separate stringer. 


                                  Allowed Baits:

                                  1. Prepared baits such as stink baits, dough baints, cheese and marshmellows

                                  2. Terrestrial invertebrates such as worms, crickets, meal worms or other insects.

                                  Prohibited Baits:

                                  1. No live aquatic baits, incuding fish from the LAKE, goldfish, minnows, crayfish, salamander, newts, etc...

                                  2. No Snagging, No Spearfishing, No use of Nets or Traps

                                  3. No Chumming, whether to attract fish or birds.  Keep all foods out of the water!

                                  4. No Animal products, including fish & fish roe, meats, hot dogs, etc...

                                  5. No dog food, peas, corn or grains



Fishing Catch Limits

1. Any combination of FOUR fish may be taken per angler per day.

2. Each Angler must place their fish catch on their OWN separate stringer and when limit is reache, ALL fishing must stop!

3. Trout may NOT be released!




Fishing the Lake

Lake Mission Viejo stocks Tilapia, Catfish and Bluegill, along with Black Crappie. Mosquito Fish, Golden Shiner and Fathead Minnows are stocked as forage fish.

Over 5,800 lbs. of catchable fish were stocked the summer of 2019, including 1,650 lbs. of Catfish, 3,750 lbs. of Tilapia and 400 lbs. of Bluegill planted!

Although Golden Algae may be present anytime of the year, it tends to produce a harmful-to-fish-only toxin during winter and spring months.

  - This is the sixth winter that LMV has been confronted with Golden Algae, with its negative effects observed only during the cold water months.

We expect our new water source, Advanced Purified Water (APW) to provide a less hospitable environment for Golden Algae over time and provide us the opportunity to rebuild a sustainably vibrant fishery in Lake Mission Viejo.  Golden Algae is NOT harmful to humans AND water conditions are excellent for active use of the Lake and swim areas.           

Frequent Lake maintenance and water testing continues at the Lake, as it always has, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience at Lake Mission Viejo

For more information on Golden Algae, click here.



Fish of Lake Mission Viejo

Tilapia (Tilapia mossambica)



Redear Sunfish  (Lepomis microlophus)



Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus)



Black Crappie (Pomoxis nigromaculatus)



Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides)



Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)



Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)




Fathead Minnow (Pimephales promelas)



Golden Shiner Minnow (Notemigonus crysoleucas)



Mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis)

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