Using Your Own Boat on Lake Mission Viejo

Personal vessels used at Lake Mission Viejo must be registered, inspected, and quarantined. Boating is currently limited to single hull sailboats, rowboats, electrically powered boats and paddle craft. The regulations limit boat size to an eight (8) foot minimum length, a maximum overall length of eighteen (18) feet for sailboats, and twenty (20) feet for others.  All boats on the Lake are subject to Lake Mission Viejo’s Boating Rules 



To register a vessel, visit member services inside the administration building between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm on weekdays.  Weekend availability by appointment only - contact the Membership office at 949-770-1313.    Registration is free but fees apply for storage.  Please review the registration requirements before your visit.

LMVA Water Vessel Registration Requirements



Dry boat storage racks and spaces for boat and trailer storage may be rented by members. The storage space rental fee is $1.93 per foot per month for Non-Trailer storage (i.e. a 12' rowboat would cost $23.16 per month). The fee for Trailer Storage is $2.75 per foot per month (i.e. 14' sailboat would cost $38.50 per month). All boat storage is billed quarterly. All boats stored at the Lake must be registered and meet all Lake useage requirements.


Inspection and Quarantine


Due to the increased risk of invasive aquatic organisms spreating through Southern California (specifically the Quagga & Zebra mussels) and the dramatic damage they could cause to Lake Mission Viejo's ecology, all boats that use Lake Mission Viejo must adhere to guidelines as follows:

1) Inspection by Lake personnel before launching to ensure:

  • Clean & dry bilge areas and live wells.
  • Clean and smooth boat hulls.
  • Clean and dry boat trailers.
  • Current LMVA registration.
  • Sufficient quarantine time

2) All boats entering the LMVA facilities without a tamper-proof tag must be quarantined for 30 days before launching. This yellow numbered tag wires the boat to the trailer to ensure that it has not been launched since the date of tagging.

3) Boats leaving the Lake are tagged with a green numbered tag in a similar fashion and provided the tag and wire are intact, the boat may be launched without quarantine. (Remember that to avoid any doubt, always see to it that even the green tagged boats are clean & dry before launch.)

Cooperation with LMVA's boat inspection program by all boating members is essential to protecting Lake Mission Viejo.

LMVA Water Vessel Registration Requirements

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