Board Elections 2023



The 2023 Annual Meeting of the Delegates and Board of Directors Election will be held on Tuesday, October 24, 2023 at 7:00 pm.

Lake Mission Viejo District Delegates are invited to join for a social hour at 6:00 pm where refreshments will be served.



Lake Mission Viejo Board of Directors are elected through a District Delegate election process. Lake members are represented by a delegate in their neighborhood (district). Delegates vote on behalf of the members in their district. To find out more about the Delegate system, or to view your district and district delegate's name, visit the Delegate District Page


2023 Lake Mission Viejo Association Board of Directors Candidates: 


Joe Bolich - incumbent Board President


Candidate Statement from Joe Bolich:

I have had the privilege of serving on the Lake Mission Viejo Board of Directors since early 2018 and was honored to serve as President over the past 12 months.  I remain proud of how well the current board is working together and look forward to continuing the progress on several fronts toward keeping our lake such a wonderful place.

I have worked in partnership with the board in taking some large steps to address the lake water issues by hiring a well-respected engineering firm to help with the expansion of the Advanced Purified Water Treatment Facility and addressing the issue of Golden Algae and water clarity.   This remains my #1 priority.  While remaining cautiously optimistic, I am excited by the recent stocking of almost 2,500 pounds of fish into our lake and to encourage active fishing once again.

I am also pleased by the re-opening of the snack bar at East Beach, which had been shuttered for many years.

My 22 years of experience in the Homeowner Association industry and working in a large master planned community provides me the necessary experience in many of the issues facing our beautiful lake and in working with our trusted partners.

In my time on the Lake Mission Viejo Board, I have served on numerous committees, including the long-range planning committee and continue to serve as Chairperson of the Landscape Committee.

I appreciate your consideration and would be honored to continue to serve our members and community with your support. 


William "Bill" Moorhead - incumbent Board Treasurer

        Candidate Statement from Bill Moorhead:

I’ve been a Lake member/resident of Mission Viejo for 30 years, delegate for 6 years, Board member 4 years
and currently sit on the Long-Range Planning Committee and proud to have been instrumental in developing
the floating Christmas trees and reducing/eliminating the use of the Farmhouse well that had been
introducing Total Dissolved Solids into the lake.
Uniquely positioned to address the LMVA’s challenges:
   • 50 years’ in water/wastewater operations, engineering, stream studies, lake studies and water
     quality (BA in Biology, specializing in aquatic studies).
   • Master’s Degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering, Registered Civil Engineer, Certified at the
     highest level in water and wastewater operations.
   • Director for Moulton Niguel Water District serving approximately 31,000 of the residents of Mission
   • Integral member of a balanced Board

My focus:
   • Water clarity/quality and ensuring CONTINUED PROGRESS in re-establishing a viable fishery.
   • Making professionally informed decisions with respect to the Advanced Purified Water expansion.
   • Using skills and experience in the design, management, and operating capital projects.
   • Budgetary challenges with aging infrastructure while monitoring expenses and increasing revenue.
   • Keeping activities current and varied.
   • Transparency.
   • Upgrading bathrooms.
   • Encourage new ideas be brought to the General Manager and the Board.
My professional experience, and support of fiscal responsibility ensuring fair and equitable management
of the Lake Budget, the LMVA infrastructure, and its policies and services, makes me an invaluable servant to the Lake Mission Viejo Association.



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Tuesday Dec 12th 2023 LMVA Board of Directors Meeting

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