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Lake Mission Viejo Association is comprised of over 24,000 homes which are divided into 81 Districts.  There are two types of Districts:  Sub Association and Non-Sub Association Districts.  Sub Associations are those with their own Board of Directors, while Non-Sub Associations are more ‘Neighborhoods’.  In addition, Non-Sub Associations are homes built before the formation of the Lake Association.   Each District is represented by a District Delegate.  Delegates are elected in the following manner: In order to be a delegate you need to own Property within the District you wish to represent.  Sub Association Districts elect their Delegates during their annual Board of Directors elections.  This date will vary by Sub Association.   LMVA assists the Non-Sub Associations with the election/appointment process during the month of October. 


** Please use the search box above to find out what District your property is in.  Simply type your address in the box above and click the "Search Details" button for your Districts information.  A full list of Districts and their current Delegate can be found below.**


Delegate representation is important in several areas. Delegate representatives for all Districts elect members of the Lake Mission Viejo Association Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting of the Delegates/Board of Directors Elections held each year in late October.  Delegates are also the voice of their District, they attend the monthly Lake Mission Viejo Association Board Meetings and bring to the table any questions or concerns raised by their District, while also bringing information from the Board Meetings back to their District.

It can be rather difficult to fill these delegate positions, especially within the Non-Sub Association Districts.  The process of becoming a delegate within a Non-Sub Association involves collecting Ballots from 25% of a district community in support of a member to represent them.  If you are interested please contact the lake membership office (949) 770-1313 ext. 232 and we can help you with this process. The annual Lake Mission Viejo Association Delegate Elections for 2019 are scheduled for Tuesday October 1, 2019, if quorum is not me by this date a second attempt will be made on Tuesday October 8, 2019.

Please use the LMVA DISTRICT DELEGATE ELECTION BALLOT enclosed in your July assessment bill to help elect a Delegate to represent your district at LMVA. Whether you support a current Delegate for your district or wish to vote for a replacement in an empty district, please note that there is a 25% quorum requirement to hold a District Delegate election. 

Associations Summary

Delegate District Association Name Delegate Units
1 La Paz Ken Kuczer 250
2 La Paz Bill Moorhead  304
3 La Paz Karen Checho 294
4 Coronado No Current Delegate 99
5 Casta del Sol Vickie McCollum 310
6 Barcelona No Current Delegate 425
7 Barcelona No Current Delegate 437
8 El Dorado Carl Mead 479
9 El Dorado No Current Delegate 268
10 El Dorado No Current Delegate 194
11 Granada No Current Delegate 159
12 Deane Tom Riehl 378
13 Mission Ridge Don Tayenaka 233
14 Madrid Jo Ann Petrick 194
15 El Dorado No Current Delegate 446
16 Madrid No Current Delegate 333
17 Cordova Don Tayenaka 297
18 Castille No Current Delegate 368
19 Castille/Madrid Frank Fossati 405
20 Castille Marina Hegel 297
21 Aliso Villas -1 No Current Delegate 192
22 Aliso Villas -2 No Current Delegate 114
23 Seville No Current Delegate 321
24 La Mancha Gina Connoy 162
25 Castille No Current Delegate 201
26 Madrid del Lago Connie Beardsley 688
27 Cordova No Current Delegate 279
28 Castille Jane Chadburn 209
29 Castille No Current Delegate 521
30 Casta del Sol Bob Rogers 212
31 Montiel No Current Delegate 404
32 Cordova Bob Ollry 382
33 Tres Vistas Mark Glackin 64
34 Andalusia Rod Simenz 414
35 Cresta Verde No Current Delegate 8
36 Madrid del Lago No Current Delegate 24
37 Mallorca Robert Breton 369
38 Cordova Mark Scheckel 528
39 Casta del Sol Randy Tisdale 529
40 Finisterra Sandie McClure 214
41 Briarwood No Current Delegate 169
42 Baja Finisterra Paula Snyder 118
43 Cortez Allyn Edwards 475
44 Montiel/Galicia No Current Delegate 483
45 Evergreen Dave Markwell 285
46 Casta del Sol No Current Delegate 424
47 Finisterra on the Green Tamara Hoadwonic 202
48 Cypress Point Steven Kramer 211
49 Castille No Current Delegate 8
50 Galicia No Current Delegate 45
51 El Mirador Nanette Meyer 54
52 Valencia No Current Delegate 260
53 Cortez Randy Beckman 429
54 Las Palmas No Current Delegate 405
55 Ridgemont Mike Gaines 172
56 Canyon Crest Dale Tarkington 979
57 Eastbrook Mark Brown 213
58 Hillcrest Gena Hedger 248
59 Emerald Point Ryan Kennedy 239
60 California Colony LaVonne Smith 198
61 Corel Gardens Scott Kroutil 334
62 Pinecrest Gerald Newkirk 422
63 Evergreen Lakeview Anna Waugh 146
64 Sunrise Ridge Art Cook 227
65 Rainbow Ridge LuAnn Willy 312
66 Vista del Lago Apts. Co Representative 202
67 Palmia David Pinto 901
68 Auburn Ridge Mike McKee 240
69 Highland Park No Current Delegate 209
70 Califia Christopher Grayce 1002
72 Pacific Hills Joe Licha 602
73 Pacific Knolls Diane Shiroke 511
75 Pacific Hills East Greg Golick 75
76 California Court James Black 184
77 California Terrace No Current Delegate 132
78 Quail Run James Jones 206
79 Mirasol Cathy Pilliod 211
80 Melrose No Current Delegate 130
81 Casa Loma Condos No Current Delegate 21
82 Stone Ridge Fred Mellenbruch 468
83 Painted Trails Alex Naghibi 486

Day Date Events
Saturday 19th Oct 2019 Lake Eeerie
Tuesday 22nd Oct 2019 Annual Meeting of The Delegates / Board of Directors Elections
Tuesday 12th Nov 2019 Board Meeting
Saturday 7th Dec 2019 Snow Day with the Annual Parade of Lights and Santa's Arrival
Tuesday 10th Dec 2019 Board Meeting

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