Membership Overview

Lake Mission Viejo Association is a Homeowners Association and therefore its Homeowners are subject to the CC&R's that govern the homes that are within the LMVA boundaries.  For an explanation for what an HOA is please see the below description of "What is an HOA".  

Lake Membership

A question that the Membership office is asked often is “Is Membership Optional or Can I cancel my membership?"  The answer to that question is no, Membership to the Lake Mission Viejo is PERMANENT for any home that is a member.  As with any typical property owner association, the Lake Association membership is a permanent aspect of ownership of the lot or condominium. If you sell the lot or condominium, the new owner will automatically be a member of the Lake Association. This assures that the Lake Association will not get smaller; it can only grow larger, providing a large membership base to share the costs of operating the Lake in future years. 
Membership is also Non-Transferable.  Membership is permanently associated with a lot or condominium.  However, membership privileges may be temporarily transferred to a bonafide tenant of a member, but the obligation to pay assessments remains with the legal owner.  Please click here for more information about Tenant Transfer.

What is an HOA?

A Homeowner’s Association (HOA) is the governing body of a development, usually comprising of homeowners who have volunteered to serve on the HOA board.  Members have a voice and a vote in the defined community. 
When a new homeowner buys a property governed by a homeowners association, they automatically become a member of the association.  New homeowners do not have the choice of not joining.  The purchase of the home becomes a contract with the HOA.  By purchasing that home, the homeowner agrees that they will obey all the rules and pay regular dues and any special assessments.
HOA rules are called covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&R’s).  Legally speaking, HOAs are corporations, that is, legal entities that can enforce contracts with their homeowners.  Homeowners in CC&R controlled developments usually pay association fees or dues as part of their membership.  HOAs primarily use the dues money for maintenance of common areas used by all the homeowners.

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Monday 3rd Jun 2019 Junior Guard Tryouts
Tuesday 11th Jun 2019 Board Meeting
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Tuesday 9th Jul 2019 Board Meeting

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