Lake Front Homeowners

For Lake-Front Homeowners

If you are planning on making any changes to your Backyard or Dock you need to have your plans approved by LMVA.  Please download the "Lakefront Architectural Review Form" below.  Once complete please turn into the Operations Manager Bryant Watilo at (949) 770-1313 ext. 203 submit to LMVA for plan approval.



This form is ONLY for members with lakefront property.

This pdf form features fields ready to be filled out. Place your cursor over a field and type in the required information. You can use one of the following applications to open and fill out pdf forms.


Maintaining water quality of LMVA is of utmost importance and the lakefront homeowner’s responsibility and vigilance towards this end is crucial. Therefore, the lakefront homeowner must abide by the following rules and policies.

1. Liability Insurance: Appropriate liability coverage with LMVA named as co-insured must be obtained prior to dock installation on the lake and must be approved by the Lake Manager. Insurance requirements can be obtained from the Administration Office.
2. Each homeowner must maintain a landscape runoff configuration that prevents contamination of LMV. This means that garden and turf areas cannot be built up along the bulkhead in a manner that may allow passive runoff. Homeowners must maintain the slope of the landscape toward the storm drains. Homeowners must also keep drains clear and flowing at all times.
3. Landscape growth overhanging into LMV must be trimmed back to expose the top of the bulkhead and the adjacent swale and drain.
4. LMVA maintains an easement to the storm drainage swale (approximately 15 feet) and any landscape modification within this zone requires protection of the bulkhead wall and the divergent drainage configuration and is subject to LMVA approval. All storm runoff needs to be diverted from entering LMV. Trees must be planted no closer than five feet from the bulkhead and are subject the LMVA approval.
5. Any construction within the 15 foot drainage easement area is subject to an LMVA architectural review and must not compromise the swale's drainage configuration.
6. Pet waste products must be kept clear of docks, walkways, and yards close to LMV. No disposing of any waste into the lake.
7. Pets of any kind are not allowed to swim in the lake.
8. Absolutely no contaminants shall enter LMV from your property such as, fertilizers, weed control, soaps and detergents from cleaning boats or docks, cuttings or trimmings from garden blowers, sawdust from wood cutting, etc.
9. Release of any plant or animal into LMV or park is prohibited. This includes aquarium plants or animals as well as unwanted pets like ducks or rabbits, etc. Also, no emptying of aquariums, fish, turtles, carp or any other animal or plant into LMV.
10. Placement of aquatic garden plants into or surrounding LMV is prohibited.
11. The bulkhead is LMVA property and cannot be defaced or altered in any way. Any alteration of the Lake bottom including placement of substrates, step stones, etc., are prohibited without written approval of LMVA.
12. No draining of spas or pools into LMVA.
13. Feeding the fish or the waterfowl is prohibited.
14. Inflatable trampolines and other similar inflatable floating devices are not allowed on LMV. Any such devices are subject to impoundment without notice. LMVA is not responsible for damage to any device which has been impounded for being in violation of this section. No docks, piers, wharves, floats, or any other artificial protrusions shall be permitted in the waters of LMV. Only homeowners of single-family, lakefront lots may be granted an easement, by Grantor, to construct one (1) dock anchored to the shoreline. Please consult with LMVA Manager for further clarification.
15. Residents may not swim from lakefront homes any farther than 35 feet from the bulkhead of their own property, which is defined as the Servient Tenement Area and may not swim across adjacent property lines.
16. Please refer to the LMVA CC&Rs or to the LMVA Manager for other restrictions concerning your property.
17. Drafting water from LMV for any purpose is prohibited.
18. For maintenance service access, please keep area around docks clear of water toys (e.g. paddle boards, rafts, tubes, floats, etc.).
19. Boats moored at private docks not displaying a current LMVA registration sticker are subject to a fine and may be impounded.

Day Date Events
Saturday Jun 3rd 2023 Lake Anniversary Event
Tuesday Jun 13th 2023 LMVA Board of Directors Meeting
Saturday Jun 24th 2023 BOAT & WATERCRAFT SALE
Wednesday Jun 28th 2023 MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU
Friday Jun 30th 2023 MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU
Saturday Jul 8th 2023 SUGAR RAY

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