Eligible Membership Homes


Homes within LMVA boundaries built before 1978

Homes that were built by the Mission Viejo Company before the LMVA homeowners association was established and are within the boundaries of the Mission Viejo planned community are considered Lake Eligible Homes. 

Since these homes were built and occupied before the Lake was established, the original homeowner were invited, but not required, to join LMVA.  The offer is still extended if the home isn’t currently a LMVA member-property.  Once a property becomes a member, it stays with the home, and transfers to the new owners upon sale.  

Not all homes built before 1978 are Lake eligible. 

For a list of streets in Mission Viejo that still have Lake Eligible Homes on them please click here.


If your home qualifies and membership is appealing to you, please contact the Membership Office to set up an appointment.


  • All owners must be present to sign documents to add their home to the Association. Owners will sign before a notary public.
  • Owners are required to bring a copy of the recorded grant deed and their Drivers’ Licenses  for processing.  A copy of the grant deed may be purchased for $10.
  • The pro-rate assessment and a one-time $100 orientation fee will be due at this time.
  • Family members ages 18+ are required to show proof of residency
  • A Membership Counselor will explain the rules and privileges and will take photo IDs. 
  • Membership is permanent to the home and transfers to the buyer when the home sells. 



Membership for Mission Viejo Homes built 1978 and Later

Any homes built 1978 and later that are within the boundaries of the Lake Mission Viejo Association come with Membership already attached to their property.  Membership is for the Homeowners (anyone on the recorded Grant Deed) and their dependents.   Family members ages 18+ are required to show proof of residency showing that they live with the owner(s).  Please click here to see if your home is a lake member.


Day Date Events
Saturday Jun 3rd 2023 Lake Anniversary Event
Tuesday Jun 13th 2023 LMVA Board of Directors Meeting
Saturday Jun 24th 2023 BOAT & WATERCRAFT SALE
Wednesday Jun 28th 2023 MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU
Friday Jun 30th 2023 MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU
Saturday Jul 8th 2023 SUGAR RAY

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