Lake Mission Viejo Association has streamlined our HOA fee collection! You can eliminate the burden of mailing your HOA fees. Through our Member Web Portal, you can check your account balance, or pay your fees online using your credit/debit card or an e-check from your checking or savings account. Make a one-time payment or sign up to have your payments automatically withdrawn semi-annually. It's just that easy! No more hassle and no more late payments.

To make a payment, you will require the following:

  • LMVA Account Number from your assessment bill
  • Example Account No. L100-05636-012-01
  • Your temporary password for access will appear on your post mailed assessment bill.

Using LMVA website (bank debit option) - No Fee:

  • You can make your payment for no additional fee by using 'PAY BY ASSOCIATION METHOD' option with debit to checking/savings account. Click "Continue to Member Web Portal" below. After signing in with password, click on "Make One-time Payment" and then select "Pay by Association Method" option. You will now be ready to enter your banking information.

Using Cutting Edge Web Payment Portal
Fees applicable on all transactions:

  • Member assessment is $117.00
    Paying by credit card cost is 3%
    Total $120.51
  • Member assessment is $117.00
    Paying by E-check (ACH) debit from checking/savings account Surcharge is $1.95
    Total 118.95
Continue to the Member Web Portal
(This link will direct you to a separate secure access area )

Electronic Delivery of the LMVA Newsletter
Now Available when you Login to the Member Web Portal!

In an effort to save members time and money, we now offer delivery of the LMV newsletter in an electronic format. It is a simple process: Log in to your account on the LMVA member web portal and click "update my profile" from the main menu.

Check the box that states:
Enroll to receive community association newsletter and notices in electronic format.

Then check the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen.

Check the acknowledgement box to approve your choice to receive documents electronically as shown below:
I request and consent to have all documents, notices, and communications from Lake Mission Viejo Viejo Association (“Association”) sent to me electronically by email, fax, message board, website or otherwise.

It is that easy! You will now receive email notification when the newsletter is released for publication. Clicking on the link provided in the email will send you directly to the current issue of the LMV Newsletter with all the latest and greatest events and information going on at the Lake. This service saves both printing and postage costs and is environmentally sensitive as well.

You may cancel your consent to participate in this program at any time by a written revocation sent to the Association either electronically, hand-delivered, or by U.S. Mail.