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Membership in Lake Mission Viejo Association requires residential property ownership within the LMVA boundaries, approximately the boundaries of the City of Mission Viejo. In accordance with the LMVA "Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions", the area is divided into 83 Delegate Districts based on Homeowner Associations and sub-associations.

The database includes the current district delegate for each association/district. The association listing allows for a link to your association website. Please email your website URL to the webmaster to have it posted to the database.

New to the City? It is possible to verify whether your address qualifies for the lake membership in our Association Database. We've mapped all 83 homeowner associations in Mission Viejo. The database contains all property addresses that qualify for a membership in LMVA.

Delegate List for the Current Year

This database contains information about the 83 districts, homeowner associations and 24,400 addresses in the area that qualify for either mandatory or voluntary LMVA membership.

(example: "12345 Marguerite" - full street address is required, including number and street)
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