Lake Mission Viejo Fishery Information

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Emma Elred with her 7 pound 7 ounce Trout
Emma Elred's 7 lb 7 oz Trout
Large pictures here.

Derek Uyehara with his 5 lb trout
Derek Uyehara's 5 lb Trout
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Derek Uyehara and Ryan Crow
Derek & Ryan's NYE haul
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Steve Cook's record Trout
Steve Cook's record Trout
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Mike Myers with his 6 pound, 11 ounce Trout
Mike Myers 6lb, 11oz Trout
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Spencer Saito's record Tilapia
Spencer Saito's record Tilapia
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Omar Alkhairi's record Tilapia
Omar Alkhairi's record Tilapia
Large picture here.

Visit Lake Mission Viejo's Angler Gallery for more Big Fish stories & photos!

fishing conditions update


Golden Algae has disappeared since last October. Since then, plankton diversity has improved, as has the water clarity. In fact, a record Secchi (clarity) measurement of 57 feet was registered this spring and familiar plant growth is returning to LMV. This translates to improved fish habitat and food. Incremental plantings of forage fish continue, including Golden Shiner minnows, Fathead minnows and Redear sunfish. We will likely plant Catfish and Tilapia this summer if their numbers warrant it.

Another impressive spawn of bass this spring combined with the stocking of forage fish as feed for these fish has raised hope for a resurgence of a bass fishery at LMV. A number of healthy adult bass have been spotted along with thousands of fry from their spring spawn which have been seen across the lake. On May 13, 2015 master lake angler George Coniglio caught and released a 65 cm (25.6”) largemouth bass which has been certified by the International Game Fish Association as a World Record for length. Check out George's catch at Stay tuned as Lake Staff continue to work to return LMV to the glory days of bass fishing.

The Lake, and daily fishing, is open at 6AM on weekends and 8AM on weekdays. Fishing is free, as always, for members with a $12 charge for guest entrance pass and a fishing pass. Five-passenger Gregor fishing boats are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the Tackle Box Boat Rentals, next to the Launch Ramp.



** Make sure your boat or watercraft is currently registered with LMV and has passed our Quagga Mussel quarantine process. Failure to comply with LMVA registration requirements will stop you from launching your boat. For more information, contact the LMV membership office at (949) 770-1313, ext. 215.

** LMV rules prohibit anglers from fishing within 15 feet of any private dock, bulkhead, or beach area around the lake. Compliance Officers, Lifeguards and Facility Supervisors strictly enforce fishing rules to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all LMV members. Thanks to your cooperation, LMV now enjoys World Class bass fishing status, including a World Record Largemouth Bass caught by LMV member George Coniglio in May 2015!

** The Lake's Bass slot limit has changed: Catch-and-Release of all Bass has been extended to year-round release until further notice. ALL bass must be released immediately to the spot where they were caught. (please review all Fishing Rules)



The Lake Mission Viejo Fishing Club is celebrating its 38th year of trout fishing! The Club is open to all LMVA members

For more information about the Fishing Club or trout stocking/fishing schedules, please call 770-1313 ext. 235. Or better yet, fish around the Lake website.

Don't forget to say hello to the Lake Compliance Officers this season. They are on the lake to assist you with having a great day and are a wealth of information about current lake fishing.


23rd Annual Kids’ Holiday Fishing Derby Returned to LMV on December 30th

The annual end of the year tradition at LMV, the 2015 Kids' Holiday Fishing Derby was held Wednesday, December 30th. 4,000 pounds of trout were stocked on the day prior to the derby. Four age divisions - 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 and 9/10 year olds - were awarded prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place based on largest single fish caught.

Be sure to view the photos from the Kids' Fishing Derby



  • Members must have their LMVA ID card in order to rent boats.
  • ID cards must be displayed at all times while fishing.
  • Guests must display their Guest/Fishing Pass while fishing.
  • Trout limits are 4 fish per person per day.
  • All trout must be kept ("Catch and Release" not allowed with trout at LMV).
  • ALL Bass must be released until further notice

Download the latest Fishing News above, or call LMV's fishing king, Dave Kerr (also known as Manager of Administrative Services) at 770-1313, ext. 213 or email

May 2016 - 1.5MB
March 2016 - 980k
February 2016 - 1.2MB
January 2016 - 157k
December 2015 - 232k
October 2015 - 232k - updated 11/04/15
August 2015
- 187k
June 2015 - 185k
March 2015 - 178k
February 2015 - 173k
Dec 2014 - 2nd Update - 137k
Dec 2014 Update - 132k
Nov 2014 Update - 132k
Sept/Oct 2014 Update - 153k
Mar/Apr 2014 Update - 167k

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