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Boat Registration
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Hours of Use:
Boat activity on LMVA is restricted to hours that the Playa del Norte facility is open. Check with the LMVA Office for current hours of operation.
All boats must allow enough time to be out of the facility grounds by designated closing time. Members may rent boats beginning at 8 a.m. Monday - Friday and at 6 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.
At the end of the day, LMVA requires time to prepare the rental fleet for the next day's rentals. All boat rentals will stop exactly on the hour; one hour prior to the closing of the Boat Rental Office. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Boat Rentals:
Please review Age Restrictions, Maximum Capacity and Boat Rental Rates

Parent Consent Forms:
Children between 8 and 16 years of age need a parent consent form in order to rent a boat from the LMVA fleet.
A completed form gives permission for your child to rent a boat in your absence. Each child is permitted to rent one boat at a time.

This form is kept on file in the Boat Rental Office and must be renewed annually. Children under 12 years old must wear a personal flotation device at all times while boating.

Boat Rentals Rules:

  1. All boats are rented on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved in advance (excluding party boats).
  2. Use of the LMVA owned boats requires compliance with all boating regulations.
  3. The member shall be held responsible for any damage to boats, vests, or boat equipment and/or personal injury to the member and their guests, and boating privileges may be revoked.
  4. Failure to comply with any LMVA regulations or staff instructions shall entitle the staff to require the person to immediately leave the area.
  5. All boats must maintain at least a 15 foot distance from all private docks and LMVA bulkhead.
  6. Swimming is NOT permitted from the boats.

Party Boats:
The following must be observed when renting a party boat.

  1. Party boats can be reserved up to 30 days in advance.
  2. Reservations must be made in-person at the Boat Rental Office. A REQUEST FOR RESERVATION may be made on the LMVA web-site. Reservations made in person shall have priority. Fees must be paid at the time reservations are made.
  3. Fishing and /or swimming is NOT permitted from party boats.
  4. Passengers must remain inside railings on private or rental party boats. Please keep hands and feet inside all boats at all times.
  5. Glass containers are not permitted.
  6. 10 person limit per boat (children and infants included).
  7. Party Boats must maintain at least a 15 foot distance from all private docks and LMVA bulkhead.

Forfeiture of Deposit:
The deposit for any boat rental returned after due-in time will be forfeited. Also deposits not picked up on day of rental are subject to forfeiture. Deposits may be forfeited for other infractions at discretion of LMVA Management.

All boats underway on LMV after sunset must have running lights as follows:
Red and green bow lights and a white light on the stern, which is visible from all directions. All boats at anchor after sunset must display a white stern light.

Power Boats:
All power boats must be electric power-driven except patrol and maintenance boats and others approved by LMVA Management. Inboard or inboard/outboard motors not allowed. Outboard gas motors must be kept tilted up out of the water when on LMV.

Boat Flotation:
All boats shall contain positive flotation adequate to float the craft awash.

Life Preservers:
Each craft shall carry a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (in good condition) for each person on board. Children under 12 years old must wear their PFD at all times while boating. Boat bailer and paddle are required if applicable.

Boat Registration:
All boats must have a current registration with LMVA.
Boating registration applications may be obtained at the LMVA Administration Office. All boats must be inspected for safety and LMVA Biological Concerns by the LMVA Manager or a designee, prior to issuance of a Registration Permit (decal). Prescribed insurance forms must be received by LMVA Administration prior to issuance of boat registration permits. The registration permit must
be placed on the starboard outboard stern of each boat. Each year on January 1, all boats must be re-registered. Re-registration begins in November of the preceding year.

Boat Registration:
Any boat not displaying a current boat registration sticker by February 1st of each calendar year will be subject to impoundment without notice. Impounded boats will be removed from LMVA property and are subject to daily storage fees until registration is issued.

Lake Biology and Preservation / Protection Program:
All boats, water craft, rafts and devices placed in the LMVA waters must comply with current Policies and Procedures for maintaining water quality.
Please check with the Management and Water Biology Department for current policy and procedures. Quagga Mussel infestations and other biological concerns must be addressed to maintain the water quality of LMV. No watercraft will be allowed on LMV until an inspection has occurred and the craft is determined to be in compliance with all regulations.See also LMVA Boat Inspection Program

Remote Control Boats:
All remote controlled hobby boats must be approved, have liability insurance and be registered for LMV use.

Boat Insurance:
Certificate of insurance must include: $300,000 liability coverage (bodily injury/property damage); LMVA listed as "Additional Insured;" statement of expiration date or "continuous" on policy and a description of the boat (i.e. 18.5 feet rowboat).

Flotation Devices Other Than Boats:
No flotation devices other than LMVA registered boats are permitted beyond beach swimming area marking buoys. Download the Rules & Regulations PDF for all Flotation Device rules.

Fishing float tubes:
Fishing float tubes are not allowed on the LMV.

Rubber Rafts:
Rubber rafts must have at least two compartments, not including the floor and measure at least eight feet in length from bow to stern along the gunwale (gunnel). All boating rules apply.

Swimming Area:
Boats are not allowed in the swimming areas at any time.
Swimming Areas are designated at North Beach, East Beach, private swimming area/beaches at the Mallorca, Finisterra, Tres Vistas and 35 feet from the bulkhead of all private homes on LMV.

Right-Of-Way for Sailboats:
A sailing vessel has the right-of-way over a motor craft, or kayaks and pedal boats in all situations except when the sailing vessel is overtaking a motor vessel, in which case the sailing vessel must keep clear.

Sink Drains and Toilets:
Boats equipped with sink drains or flush toilets are barred from the water area unless said drains and toilets are sealed.

Speed Limit:
The LMV speed limit for all power craft is seven miles per hour.

Condition of Boats:
Any boat deemed unsafe or a hazard will not be permitted on LMV. All boats brought onto LMV must be safe, water worthy and clean of any foreign aquatic plants and animals prior to launching. Please check with LMVA Management for "Lake Biology and Preservation Protection Plan" and procedures.

Cleaning and Boat Repair:
Wet sponging of boats (with water only) within the slip storage area or at private docks is the only acceptable cleaning method allowed in the lake. Boat repairs such as sanding, fiberglass repair, drilling or painting must be done off the LMVA premises.

Boat Passenger Loads:
Boats shall not exceed the manufacturer passenger load limitation and/or safe passenger load limitation.

Swimming from Boats:
Swimming from boats is PROHIBITED! Swimming is ONLY ALLOWED in designated swim areas.

Boat Lengths:
Maximum length for single-hulled sailboats is 18.5 feet and 21 feet for a runabout or rowboat.

Multi-hulled Sailboats:
No multi-hulled sailboats are allowed access to LMV.

All persons using sailboards on LMV must wear a Coast Guard approved flotation device. A courtesy launching area has been designated for sailboards at both North Beach and East Beach.

Dock Restrictions:
Boaters may dock only in the following areas - East Beach dock, Market on the Lake dock and the North Beach dock adjacent to the flag poles and rental dock.
Members who are non-residents of the lakeside communities of Tres Vistas, Finisterra, Mallorca and San Marino are strictly prohibited from unauthorized docking on the private docks in these areas.
Any Member / Non-resident with a private, or LMVA rental boat tying up to, docking in, or climbing onto one of the docks of these private communities will be subject to a fine, immediate expulsion and possible suspension of LMVA privileges. Orange County Sheriffs may be called, as this is trespassing. These docks are private property.
Trespassing on private property will not be tolerated.

15 Foot Rule:
Boats must remain at least 15 feet from any private dock or bulkhead area around LMV, designated swimming areas and windsurfing areas at North and East beaches.
This includes Mallorca, Tres Vistas, Finisterra swimming areas, and private boats tied to the docks.
The "15 Foot Rule" includes boats and all fishing gear, (pole, hook, or line) which must be at least 15 feet away from all private property. Violators will be subject to a fine, immediate expulsion and possible suspension of LMVA privileges.

Prohibited Docking:
Tying up to the bulkhead or leaving your boat and fishing from the bulkhead is not permitted.
Tying up to any swim line, or buoy is not permitted.
Unauthorized tying up to any private dock is not permitted.
Violators will be subject
to a fine, immediate expulsion and possible suspension of LMVA privileges.

Buoy Designations:
Red: No fishing zone
Green: No anchoring zone (aeration)
Yellow: Swimming area
Blue: Mooring only (no mooring on any other buoy)