North Beach OPEN 8:00 a.m. 10:00 p.m.
Tackle Box OPEN 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.
Boat Rentals OPEN 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

Trout Schedule

Tue 12/13/2016 - Trout Opener
Tue 12/13/2016 Mt. Lassen
Wed 12/21/2016 Chaulk Mound
Wed 12/28/2016 Chaulk Mound
Thu - 12/29/2016 Kid's Derby
Wed 01/11/2017 Mt. Lassen
Wed 01/25/2017 Chaulk Mound
Wed 02/08/2017 Mt. Lassen
Wed 02/22/2017 Chaulk Mound
Wed 03/08/2017 Mt. Lassen
Wed 03/22/2017 Chaulk Mound
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Trout Return to LMV!

On Tuesday, December 13th 4,500 pounds of beautiful trout will be planted into LMV, and the much anticipated winter fishing season will begin.  Due to the late start of the season, the lake will be open for fishing as soon as the trout arrive.   The first stock of trout will come from Mt. Lassen Fish Hatchery in Northern California.

Following the stock on the 13th, plans are being made to stock trout twice more before the end of the year.  The next scheduled planting is set for Wednesday, December 21st with another stocking on Wednesday, December 28th.  Each of these plants will come from Chaulk Mound Trout Farms in Western Nebraska.  The lake will be open for fishing on both days when we stock fish to give members a chance to catch up on their missed angling opportunities.

Anglers should check their tackle boxes, change line on their reels and plan for another great season of trout fishing at LMV.  The Tackle Box store is stocked with bait and lures.  The rental boats are tuned up and the LMVA staff is prepared to help anglers with all their fishing needs.


Once again it is time to enjoy an annual end of the year tradition at LMV.  The 2016 Kid’s Holiday Fishing Derby is scheduled for Thursday, December 29th.  The perfect opportunity to spend some relaxing quality time with your child and the perfect time to fish at Lake Mission Viejo is almost here.  Please call 770-1313 ext. 216 to sign up your child for the derby.

3-4 and 5-6 Year Old Divisions

  9:30 am            Check – In

10:00 am            Derby Begins

11:00 am            Derby Ends; Fish Weigh-in

11:15 am            Prizes Awarded

7-8 and 9-10 Year Old Divisions

11:30 am            Check – In

12:00 pm            Derby Begins

  1:00 pm            Derby Ends; Fish Weigh-in

  1:15 pm            Prizes Awarded

Advanced Water Dedication
On Monday, October 10, 2016 the dedication ceremony for the Advanced Purified Water project took place at LMVA Clubhouse. A crowd of approximately 80 people including dignitaries from Lake Mission Viejo, the City of Mission Viejo, Santa Margarita Water District, Sacramento and a host of water officials from around Orange County.
The event was held under beautiful sunny skies on a perfect Mission Viejo day. At the culmination of the event symbolic fish bowls full of Advanced Purified Water holding various species of LMV fish were emptied into the body of the lake marking the first delivery of APW water into LMV. This project will serve as a model for other agencies and man-made lakes throughout California and the Nation who are watching with great anticipation.

APW will most likely be flowing from the plant into LMV by December 15th.

Phone numbers and email addresses for all LMVA departments are available on the CONTACTS page.

Day Date Events
Tuesday 13th Dec 2016 Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday 13th Dec 2016 Trout Stocking
Wednesday 21st Dec 2016 Trout Stocking
Sunday 25th Dec 2016 Merry Christmas (LMVA Closed)
Wednesday 28th Dec 2016 Tentative Trout Stock
Thursday 29th Dec 2016 Kid's Holiday Fishing Derby

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